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Under LDR’s fraud prevention system, all state income tax returns are subject to verification with state-of-the-art identity authentication software. If the software flags a return, LDR will direct the taxpayer to a customized online data test or a telephone survey for a secure method of identity verification and final certification of the return.

Most tax returns and forms can be downloaded from the LDR web site. Use the list of forms by tax year to ensure that you select the correct form for your tax period. Forms are available for the current tax year and the previous five years.

Most of the forms and exemptions certificates have fill-in data fields that enable the user to complete the form online and print it. Fill-In forms are designated with a pencil icon . To allow the fillable forms to be securely used on public computers, scripts have been added to delete the user’s personal data when the form is closed.

To find a form, select your tax category from the list below, then select a tax year from the list which will appear on the following page.



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