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Under LDR’s fraud prevention system, all state income tax returns are subject to verification with state-of-the-art identity authentication software. If the software flags a return, LDR will direct the taxpayer to a customized online data test or a telephone survey for a secure method of identity verification and final certification of the return.

You have arrived at Louisiana File Online, your gateway to filing and paying your state taxes electronically.

Louisiana File Online is a fast, easy to use, absolutely free public service from the Louisiana Department of Revenue.

We engineered this innovative tool for unmatched convenience and security.

With Louisiana File Online, you can:

  • Check on the status of your individual income refund.

  • View your business account data, including posted payments.

  • View business tax information for previous years.

  • Create unique user names and passwords to protect your information.

  • Amend tax returns.

  • Save your work for completion at a later date.

  • Allow the program to calculate and fill in your amounts automatically.

  • Learn from interactive Q&A-style assistance online.

  • Upload supporting materials such as scanned documents and receipts.

  • Print copies of your individual income returns for your records, if your return was filed online via the LDR website.

  • Pay your taxes electronically.

  • Enter your bank account information for faster individual income refunds by direct deposit.

Additional free online options exist for Business taxpayers. Louisiana Taxpayer Access Point (LaTAP) offers taxpayers the ability to view the status of their accounts, update address information, and also offers additional filing and payment options.


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